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              Party Building

              The Second Inspection Group of the Party Committee of the SASASAC of the Autonom

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                  According to the SASAC Autonomous Region Party unified deployment, The morning of March 16th, the Autonomous Region Party committee of SASAC second patrol patrol group company Party committee held a mobilization meeting, deputy secretary of Party committee, deputy director of the autonomous region, inspector, second patrol group leader Nie Jiangwu attended the meeting and made a mobilization speech, group company, deputy party secretary, trade union chairman Chen Jiajian on behalf of the company party for the position speech group deputy chief economist, party secretary, chairman Liang Fashen on behalf of construction machinery company Party committee to make statements. A mobilization meeting presided over by Chen Jiajian.

                  At the meeting, Nie Jiangwu expounded the important significance of carrying out political inspection work, clearly put forward the method of the general requirements, the inspection work objectives and tasks, basic steps and methods. He pointed out that the inspection group will be in accordance with the requirements of the central and autonomous regions inspection work, strengthen the party organizations and cadres, especially leading cadres supervision, to ensure the effective implementation of the party constitution, party, Party discipline, focus on promoting the construction of the party's leadership, to solve the weakening of the party's lack of comprehensive, strict and ineffective the party's concept, organizational slack, slack discipline, managing party wide soft problem, check the implementation of the provisions of the central eight spirit and its implementation details, and the anti-corruption work and personnel selection and other aspects of the situation. From the "three inspections will understand" tour, is a deep understanding of the Party Organization (Leadership) is strong or weak. The second is to understand the construction of the party is real or imaginary. Three is the comprehensive understanding strictly is strict or wide. He stressed that the inspection work should adhere to the "six focus": one is focusing on the "Four Consciousness"; the two is to focus on the "two responsibilities"; three party political life in focus; four is to focus on clean government and anti-corruption work; five is the focus of personnel selection; the six is to focus on ideology work. Finally, he asked the company managers at all levels should strengthen the party responsible for the political awareness, and consciously accept supervision, to reflect the true situation.

                  Chen Jiajian on behalf of the company party speak: one is to improve the political stance resolutely obey and serve the inspection work. To stand in the height of the global political and, fully understand the important role and significance of inspections, the inspection group to resolutely obey the arrangement, service to patrol inspection, the inspection work together to accomplish the task. The second is to actively work with the full protection of inspection work carried out smoothly. During the inspection, the inspection group and the cadres and the masses of workers for individual conversations, access to documents, the relevant departments must prepare to finish the work assigned by the police patrol group. The three is to set a good example, and consciously accept the supervision of consciousness enhancement. Construction machinery company and more middle managers should take the lead, set a good example, with strong party spirit, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection, to sincerely face. The four is to grasp the implementation of the rectification, to the political inspection as an opportunity to promote the development of enterprises to the direction of high quality. To make the inspection work to comprehensively improve the quality of enterprise development, and promote the transfer and adjustment of structure, improve the scientific level of Party and carry out the clean government and other key work together, the inspection work is reflected in practice to promote the development of enterprises, promote greater achievements of the construction machinery company.

                  Liang Fashen on behalf of construction machinery company Party committee to make statements: one is to place the position, attitude. To consciously sincerely accept the supervision and inspection of the inspection group, the spirit of being highly responsible for the party and build the career attitude, real reporting and real situation, reflect realistic problem, take the initiative to accept the supervision and inspection of the police patrol group. The two is to enforce discipline, fully cooperate with the. The central organ of the company, each department and production plant, each branch should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of police patrol group, strictly abide by the discipline inspection work, obey the unified arrangement of the inspection group, carry out their duties, cooperate closely with high quality, good coordination and contact to provide materials and service guarantee work. The three is to accept supervision, and earnestly. All Party cadres should put inspection work as a good opportunity to strengthen the spirit of education, improve the legal awareness and management ability, to change the style of work, it is essential to accept the inspection supervision, general inspection group found problems and suggestions, we should seriously study the sort, we must know that instead, Li Li line change, real change real change; rectification of the moment can not, we must establish a list of issues, the main responsibility, itemized inspection, implement rectification, ensure the inspection of the successful completion of the work to achieve tangible results.

                  The board of supervisors of state-owned enterprises autonomous region second office director, second patrol group deputy leader Deng Shigan, autonomous region Party committee of SASAC second inspection group members, group organization and personnel department, monitoring room, office and other departments of leadership, construction machinery company and more middle managers, government employees and workers in the workshop on behalf of more than 140 people attended the mobilization meeting.

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